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Name:Otsoko Inu
Birthdate:Nov 18
Location:North Dakota, United States of America
Website:Otsoko @ FurAffinity

Interests (147):

ab, ab/dl, ab/dls, abdl, adisc, adult, adult babies, adult baby, age play, age regression, ageplay, akita, akita inu, alaskan malamutes, alternative sexuality, anal sex, animal ears, animal play, animal sex, animals, anime, anthro, anthro animals, anthro art, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphic animals, anthropomorphic art, anthropomorphics, anthros, baby, baby fur, baby furries, baby furs, babyfur, babyfurry, babyfurs, beastiality, bestiality, bisexual, bisexual furries, butthole, canine, canines, clitoris, coyotes, cub, cub stuff, cubs, cum, cute, cute things, diaper, diaper fur, diaper lover, diaperfur, diapers, dl, dog, doggies, dogs, e621, fandom, feral, fetish, fetishes, foxes, fur, fur affinity, furaffinity, furries, furry, furry art, furry artwork, furry fandom, furry lifestyle, furry porn, furry sex, furs, fursuit, fursuit sex, fursuit yiff, fursuiting, fursuits, huskies, husky, incest, infantilism, ink bunny, inkbunny, interspecies, interspecies love, kink, kinks, kitsunes, knot, knots, lilfurs, littlefurs, lycanthropes, lycanthropy, malamutes, masturbation, morphs, non consensual, pee, peeing, piss, pissing, plush, plush animals, plushie porn, plushies, plushophilia, puppies, puppy boys, puppy play, puppyplay, pups, rape, rottweilers, sex with animals, sexuality, shota, siberian huskies, size difference, tailhole, tails, tattoos, tentacles, watersports, werewolves, wet, wetting, wolf, wolves, woof, yiff, yiffing, yiffy art, zeta, zetacreations, zoophile, zoophiles, zoophilia, zoosex, zoosexual, zoosexuality
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